‘South Park’ Joined The World In Trouncing Matt Damon For His Annoying Cryptocurrency Ad

After starring in an ad for Crypto.com that was unveiled back in October, Matt Damon has been getting ruthlessly dragged for being the latest celebrity to hawk cryptocurrency. While Melania Trump, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow have since waded into the crypto waters and seemed to take some of the heat off of Damon, South Park didn’t forget. In its Season 25 premiere, the Comedy Central series repeatedly trolled Damon for his “fortune favors the brave” commercial that arrived just before a massive crypto crash.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“What does Matt Damon say in the bitcoin commercial? Fortune favors the brave!” Cartman says while trying to rally the class to fight back against the school principal’s PJs decision. Clyde responds to Cartman with, “My dad said he listened to Matt Damon and lost all his money.” To which Cartman counters, “Yes, everyone did! But, they were brave in doing so!”

There are a few more shots at Damon over the commercial before the episode goes meta and notes that jokes about the commercial are already dated.

Despite South Park‘s notoriously quick turnaround time, it’s surprising the premiere didn’t take aim at Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon‘s now-notoriously cringey promotion of NFTs during a recent episode of The Tonight Show. Then again, the new season is only getting started, and so far, it’s looking like its open season on crypto. Any celebrity hopping on the latest gravy train could be next.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)