Jimmy Kimmel Shares His Confused Perspective On The Wild Mixup That Ended The 2017 Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel was likely ready to just cruise into his show on Monday night with some fun Oscars tales for the audience. But then the announcement for Best Picture happened and the entire show went from a fairly predictable evening to one of the weirdest moments in television history. Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe flub has nothing on the speculation and finger pointing that followed Warren Beatty’s unfortunate mixup that mistakenly awarded La La Land the award over Moonlight.

It’s been examined from almost every angle, but Kimmel got his chance to give his side of the events during tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. For him, it was just as confusing as it was for everybody else in the theater as he watched from the audience next to Matt Damon. The difference for Kimmel is he was hosting and suddenly realized that he’d be the one forced to figure it out for the audience on stage. There’s no mention of PricewaterhouseCoopers here, but there’s plenty about Beatty throwing Faye Dunaway under the bus by having her read off the wrong name. Kimmel thinks it was smooth, but the real smooth move was Dunaway beating feet almost as soon as the confusion started.

The best part here is how someone thought the entire thing was another Kimmel prank. That’s what happens when you’ve burned people too many times — literally in the case of that twerking girl. Even David Oyelowo thought it might be a continuation of the night’s Matt Damon jokes while chatting with Anthony Anderson during one of the post-awards shows.

A lesson to take from all of this, at least according to Kimmel, is that Denzel Washington should be around at all times to make sense of things. It seems that while everybody was in a daze, Washington was the only one on the pulse of what was happening. He’s a cool customer.

Also, Kimmel was quick to remind everybody that Matt Damon lost and was a loser. The feud will never end.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)