Trump Jr. Uses Whataboutism In A Twitter Battle With Jimmy Kimmel, Then Gets The Access Hollywood Tape Dropped On Him

In an increasingly predictable scenario, Donald Trump began his morning by tweeting thoughts perfectly in-line with whatever the subject was of Fox and Friends, which happened to be late night’s treatment of the oft-mocked President. Jimmy Kimmel, who has gone from Man Show host to outspoken opponent of just about all things GOP, replied by letting Trump know that he’d be happy to hand over his show if Trump left the Oval Office for good.

In swooped his ever-loyal son who tried his best to deflect from Trump’s scary allusions to war with North Korea and various ongoing investigations by bringing up the lack of jokes about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct. This is what they call “whataboutism,” a logical fallacy and a method of propaganda ironically developed by Soviet Russia to undercut an opponent by alluding to a hypocrisy without actually addressing the crux of the initial argument.

And so, Trump Jr. deflected, but Kimmel didn’t take the bait. First, he brought up how Trump Jr. was citing a New York Times report in bringing up Weinstein, a news outlet the Trump administration has tried to discredit with the branding of “fake news,” then he followed up the jab with a knockout punch: The Access Hollywood tape in which he discusses sexually assaulting women.

Trump Jr. did not respond.

(Via The Daily Beast)