J.K. Simmons Answers Stephen Colbert’s Burning Questions About Voicing The Yellow M&M

Quietly shredded Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons is a man known for many roles. On Friday’s edition of Late Show, host Stephen Colbert wanted to discuss Simmons’ most important role: Sweethearted and kinda dumb spokescandy.

(They also chatted about the Whiplash actor’s new sci-fi thriller Counterpart too, but there isn’t sentient candy involved.)

Colbert performed a valuable public service pressing Simmons for a bit of detail on his multi-decade run as the yellow M&M. Ever the game talk show guest, Simmons was cool with this line of inquiry and bringing us further into the grand mythos of the talking chocolate treat/one-time Stephen Baldwin co-worker. According to Simmons, the character design is actually based on himself.

“Supposedly that also is vaguely based on this,” explained Simmons comparing his looks to his candy counterpart. “They spent a lot of time taping us in our recording sessions.”

The conversation eventually got the most important M&M question of all: Can J.K. Simmons eat a yellow M&M without it being super weird?

“First of all, you’re assuming there’s a weird cannibalism there,” said Simmons on his M&M eating habits. “I just appreciate the diversity and dive in and grab a handful.”

Not every pressing M&Ms question gets answered (namely the really scary ones), but now you know that the yellow M&M is originally from Georgia and that’s a useful thing to note on your LinkedIn.