Sandra Oh Has Speculated About How ‘Killing Eve’ Moves Forward After That Stunning Season 2 Finale

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(Spoilers will be found below for Killing Eve season 2.)

Killing Eve‘s second season entranced and engaged enough to land a swift third season renewal right out of the gate. Still, fans might be wondering how a continuation will be possible after a finale more stunning than the first go round. That’s because the series flipped from the season one ending (in which Sandra Oh’s Eve stabbed Jodie Comer’s Villanelle, who fled the scene) to a chapter two ending that seemed far more finite. Villanelle, who had tricked Eve into hacking Raymond to death with an axe, shot the object of her obsession after Eve refused to join her in a Bonnie and Clyde-esque lifestyle. The episode’s final moments saw Eve motionless, and it’s unclear whether she’s dead, unconscious, or faking mortal injury. Obviously, there’s a future chapter to come from BBC America, so it’s anyone’s guess how this story moves to a new place.

That mystery also remains for Sandra Oh, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how this universal confusion might be resolved. She doesn’t even know if Eve lives, but here’s some speculation:

“If Eve survives — it’s tricky because we haven’t shot it — but I would imagine we know each other so much better now it would be like, ‘Of course you shot me. Of course she tried to kill me.’ But honestly, in the beat before the shot happens, there’s something in Eve that I think knows that it could happen, but she’s willing to walk away from that dynamic.”

Oh continued to stress that she has no idea what happens next, but at this time, she’s guessing that Eve is “not playing dead … Either she is dead, or she’s lying there shot. And bleeding to death.” Well, the episode didn’t land as smoothly as the first season’s ending did, but perhaps the showrunners know how to right the train when the series returns next year.

Meanwhile, Comer has told GQ UK about why she almost didn’t sign onto the show at all because a “female assassin” role didn’t sound promising to her. “I was like, ‘Oh, f*ck no,'” she admitted. “Because I always think of someone in a leather catsuit and six-inch heels scaling walls. Also, ‘How naked is she going to be?'” Fortunately, the female-driven series didn’t sex up Villanelle’s wardrobe at all, even though there’s clearly intimate undertones to the cat-and-mouse dance between the two leads. That’s one of many paradoxes within Killing Eve, and on that note, here’s the expression that many people probably made after finishing the latest finale.

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(Via GQ UK & Entertainment Weekly)