Joel McHale Will F*** The Sh** Out Of Someone On ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Tonight

If you’re keeping up with our Sons of Anarchy coverage, you know we feature a weekly Joel McHale Watch. We found out over the hiatus that Kurt Sutter had cast McHale as a con-man named Warren, and McHale even suggested that his character “was the best character the show has ever had” while also conceding that he has no idea what SOA stands for. Now we know when he’s going to be on the show.


According to a Tweet by Kurt Sutter, Joel McHale not only makes his first appearance in tonight’s episode, he “f***s some sh** up.”

As you see, there’s also a suggestion that the person he f***s the sh** out of is Venus Van Damme, the transvestite prostitute (SPOILERS) played by Walton Goggins last week in what was perhaps the best cameo in the history of television. In fact, they should probably rename the Emmy for Best Guest Star as “The Walton Goggins Transvestite Prostitute Award.” That’s how impressive he was.

That said, I kind of doubt that Walton Goggins will actually return. That had to be a one-off, but I wouldn’t mind if Sutter made Van Damme a series regular, or if he and McHale’s character become lovers. In fact, that would be an outstanding spin-off series: The Con Man and the Transvestite Prostitute Get a Room, starring Joel McHale and Walton Goggins. It’d be the most popular show in the history of the FX network.

What else do we know about McHale’s character? That he’ll get to shoot a gun; that he gets to run and shoot; and then jump over an embankment. ACTING! Also, McHale’s performance “should bring the whole series to a screeching halt.” It’s not the jump-the-shark episode; it’s the episode where McHale “picks up the shark and [he] jumps with the shark.”

Sons of Anarchy airs tonight at 10. You officially have our permission to skip the last half hour of the Presidential debate.