John Krasinski Talks Dealing With Open Flys And Long Farts On Broadway

Jim goes Broadway.

No, this isn’t a reference to The Office’s Season 3 finale when Jim Halpert went to New York to take a job with Dunder-Mifflin corporate and took then girlfriend Karen (Rashida Jones) to see Spamalot. It’s about actor John Krasinski, who played Jim and is now in a play called Dry Powder at the Public Theater. And it seems that during a recent performance, his fly was down. Whoops.

Krasinski told Jimmy Fallon the story on The Tonight Show, noting that he couldn’t help but feel really good about what he was doing on stage given the enthusiastic response of the audience only to discover later on that yep, his fly was indeed unzipped. At least co-star Hank Azaria was amused, as Krasinski explained. Azaria dropped a line that same night but according to Krasinski, he got one look at the fly being down and said his first thought was, “at least that isn’t happening to me.”

He also told a tale of an audience member breaking wind early on in a performance and that the fart was so long, a woman in the front row cursed at the poor man who “expelled the air,” as Krasinski, Azaria and Claire Danes were performing a scene.

Since this all happened on Fallon, there was of course a game to be played and it was “Word Sneak.” Terms such as stegosaurus, loofah, prune juice and pigtails were thrown around and a barrel of laughs ensued. Though not as many as were provided by the story of the unzipped fly.