John Mulaney Went On ‘Hot Ones’ And Named Names When Asked Which ‘SNL’ Guests Rejected His Jokes

John Mulaney stopped by the latest episode of Hot Ones where the comedian opened up about his days as a writer on Saturday Night Live.

Host Sean Evans asked Mulaney, who currently guest stars on Season 2 of The Bear, what was the worst reaction he’s ever received to one of his pitches. Despite being told that he didn’t have to name names, the comedian said one anyway: Josh Brolin.

Via BroBible:

You said name names, right? Josh Brolin said, ‘Well, this isn’t funny!’ I was writing something and I started to walk him through it. And he went, ‘Yeah, no, but that… that’s not funny!’ And it was so matter of fact, I wouldn’t even call it the worst. I found it very refreshing. It was early enough on Tuesday night that I didn’t proceed with it.

However, Mulaney revealed that didn’t really answer Evans’ question because the Brolin incident was “such a gentlemanly exchange of ideas.” So, Mulaney went ahead and blurted out another name: Mick Jagger.

“I remember we had a joke when Mick Jagger hosted that was: ‘Hey everyone, I’m Mick Jagger, so mothers lock up your daughters, or should I say, daughters lock up your mothers,'” Mulaney revealed. “And he listened and he went, ‘No, I don’t like that.’ And I actually remember, I made Seth Meyers read that one.”

You can watch Mulaney on Hot Ones below:

(Via BroBible)