John Mulaney Is Heading Back Out On Tour For The First Time Since 2018 And People Seem A Little Excited

John Mulaney’s had a noteworthy pandemic, though not always for the best of reasons. The stand-up hosted Saturday Night Live just before life shut down in the United States, then returned to the show in October for the second time in a year. Mulaney admitted the pandemic was taking a toll on him, and briefly signed on to write for Seth Meyers’ late-night show.

What followed was a trip to rehab for substance abuse issues following some strange appearances on the show, and some big changes in his personal life. But now Mulaney is out of rehab and headed back on the road. Mulaney had announced a return to stand-up in May, a residency at a single venue in New York, which quickly sold out. And with more shows now on the books, fans are getting excited about his return to the entertainment industry.

Mulaney posted on Twitter on Friday for the first time since December, sharing a tour announcement for four new cities following a second residency in Boston in mid-August: Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.

Tickets soon went on sale, and people were freaking out to say the least.

Mulaney’s post-rehab comedy has certainly been interesting according to those that have seen it, which is why fans are so excited about his return. It’s been a long and weird year or so, and seeing Mulaney trend on social media for positive reasons is certainly welcome news all around.