John Oliver Delivers The Definitive Pumpkin Spice Takedown

John Oliver had the week off, but that didn’t stop the Last Week Tonight host from dropping a truth-spiced video about everyone’s favorite fall flavor on his YouTube page.

Oliver, who’s gained quite a reputation for taking deep stabs at well-researched topics on his new program, didn’t actually get to the bottom of anything this week. Instead, he just said a lot of mean, completely justifiable things about America’s obsession with pumpkin spice everything, questioning why a simple turn of the calendar triggers people to suddenly looks at giant orange gourds and think, “I don’t know why, but I simply have to drink that” — and then buy everything with “pumpkin spice” in its title, even though most of those items do not contain an ounce of actual pumpkin.

As he is wont to do, Oliver goes layers beyond the hacky “The pumpkin spice products roll out earlier every year!” first-impulse premise and delivers some suggestions for alternative fall-themed flavors. Let it never be said that John Oliver points to problems without delivering potential solutions.

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