Johnny Knoxville Revisits The Crew Member He Got Arrested During The ‘Jackass’ Pilot

It’s not really a shock that Johnny Knoxville had his run ins with the law during the early days of Jackass. They did some pretty wild stuff, but tonight Knoxville got to catch up with the one stunt that ended with him on the ground surrounded by armed police officers. Even better, he did so by catching up with the only crew member that ended up going to jail that day.

Production coordinator Veena Mehta ended up jailed over the stunt in West Hollywood that featured Knoxville as an escaped convict at a True Value hardware store. The stunt was filmed for the Jackass pilot and ended with Spike Jonze running for the hills, Knoxville almost ending up as a real convict, and MTV being banned from filming in West Hollywood for years.

Mehta apparently ended up in some deep trouble, enough for MTV to ditch their entertainment lawyer and bring in a criminal lawyer. Luckily nothing serious came of it and she is a free woman these days. Knoxville went on to be a big name Jackass, moving on from getting his ass kicked by essentially everything imaginable to starring in film and television.

Gotta give the guy some credit, though. He still seems like the same guy who ended up getting electrocuted and bitten by a giant snake.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)