Kit Harington Used Jon Snow’s Fate On ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Weasel Out Of A Speeding Ticket

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WARNING: Spoilers for Game of Thrones ahead, but you already know that and you know what’s being spoiled. Why even worry about it?

Jon Snow died at the end of season five of Game of Thrones. There was no trickery, no wool over the eyes, and he didn’t somehow survive all those knives. That was “real” blood on the ground and there was no doubt about his fate.

Then season six comes, Snow is brought back to the land of the living by the Red Lady, gets some revenge, and then announces his watch has ended. Surprise, right? Not likely if you’ve read this site, read other sites on the internet, and have a working brain in your head. I possibly lack that last portion, but the other two swoop in to rescue me. It wasn’t the best kept secret, all despite the efforts of Harington, HBO, and the creators of the show.

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