We Finally Know Jon Snow’s Fate On ‘Game Of Thrones’

TV viewers love a good mystery (as long as it has nothing to do with The Walking Dead). Who shot J.R.? Who killed Laura Palmer? Who shot Mr. Burns? Who thought the How I Met Your Mother series finale was a good idea? And most recently, is Jon Snow dead? The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was stabbed, possibly fatally, by that rat bastard Olly all the way back in June 2015 in the Game of Thrones season five finale, and the last 10 months have been dominated by that question. There have been theories, and examinations, and even breathless coverage of Kit Harington’s haircut. On tonight’s season six premiere, “The Red Woman,” we finally got our answer.

If you can’t trust Alliser Thorne, who can you trust?

Jon Snow is very much dead, much to Ghost’s howling dismay. The Night’s Watch is split in two: Those who think Jon Snow was a traitor who was going to destroy his Brothers for some dumb wildings (led by Alliser), and the few loyal men, including Davos, locked in a room with Jon’s corpse. They can’t hold the majority of the Black Brothers back by themselves, but they might have a chance with Dolorous Edd, who’s off fetching some much-needed help, and Melisandre. Except she’s less a Red Woman than a White Witch…

But we’ll get to that tomorrow in the full recap. Until then, R.I.P. Jon Snow (for now).