Jon Stewart Introduced The World To #McConnelling And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

One of the politicians Jon Stewart most likes to make fun of is Conservative Republican and Minority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell from the great state of Kentucky (Justified cameo or GTFO). Well, ole Toby Turtle recently created a new campaign ad that is 2+ minutes of McConnell stock: no talking and only background music, just sexy Mitch McConnell doing all his best hits: sitting in a chair! Facing the camera! Sitting with his wife!

For Stewart and The Daily Show writers, this is it. This is the Holy Grail of parody. They introduced us to #McConnelling: playing a soundtrack over the Mitch McConnell ad. Take a look, it’s one of the funniest bits in recent memory:

I may have laughed so hard I woke up my infant son at the 2:10 mark, followed by me trying to explain to my upset wife that “No honey, it’s just that Jon Stewart did a bit about Mitch McConnell that’s hilarious!” while my wife thought about hiring a divorce lawyer.

At the end of the segment Stew Beef encouraged people to pick up where they left off, and boy, has the internet gotten off to a great start – it’s currently one of the highest trending terms on Twitter. Check out a few of our favorites:

When you think Republicans, you obviously think Young, Wild and Free.

Damn, that one’s awesome. Mitch McConnell + Marvin Gaye + Election Campaigns = some white people gettin’ pregnant tonight.

If you see any good ones, share them in the comments. I’m still waiting on the version with Young Jeezy’s “My Hood” but I guess I’ll just give it time. (Update: Success!)

via The Daily Show