A Bob Dylan-Channeling Jon Stewart And Patton Oswalt Help Samantha Bee Celebrate Christmas With Eggnog

On Wednesday, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee aired a holiday special on TBS titled “Christmas on I.C.E.” that easily reinforced just how funny and poignant the former Daily Show correspondent’s comedy news series is. Chief among the special’s many, many standout moments, however, was a faux music video (akin to “We Are the World”) cataloging that one time a bunch of famous musicians decided to get together in 1986 to celebrate the holidays in their own special way… by singing about eggnog.

Also, the music video featured the likes of Jon Cryer, Bellamy Young, Eric Andre, Nico Santos, Molly Ringwald, Olivia Munn, Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Van Ness, Ana Villafañe, Allana Harkin, Ashley Nicole Black, Patton Oswalt and Jon Stewart, the latter of which channeled Bob Dylan with all the inarticulate nasal singing one can muster. Seriously, look at that supposedly retired comedian-turned-animal rescuer singing his heart out:


In all seriousness, Bee’s “Christmas on I.C.E.” special was all for a good cause, as the comedian, her Full Frontal colleagues and all the featured players who were kind enough to cameo were working to raise money for KIND’s “Family Separation Response Team.” Feel free to click on the link and donate what money that you can in time for the holiday season. As of this writing, the fundraiser is 11 days away from its end date and has raised over $83,000 toward its current goal of $100,000.