The Trailer For Amazon’s Jordan Peele-Produced Lorena Bobbitt Docuseries Is Intense

“This was a modern love story. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy marries girl. Girl cuts off boy’s penis.”

That’s part of the fittingly unsubtle introduction to the Lorena trailer for the Amazon documentary series arriving soon on Prime streaming. The subject matter at hand, of course, involves the infamous 1990s Lorena Bobbitt scandal. Jordan Peele has executive produced the Joshua Rofé-directed project, which aims to tell the other side of the story with a twist. That is to say, the press coverage of Lorena’s slicing of John Bobbitt’s penis focused almost exclusively on her gruesome act, and this series will dig into the abuse that pushed Lorena to “snap” and later be acquitted on grounds of temporary insanity.

It’s probably not lost on anyone that Peele, who dove in after winning the Best Original Screenplay for Get Out, took on this project while being hailed as a new master of horror. The Bobbitt story has been ingrained as a pop-culture punchline for decades, but Peele has proven himself adept at digging into the psychological and thought-provoking aspects of how society reacts to atrocities. So, one would expect him to give a level-headed treatment to the domestic horrors suffered by Bobbitt. Here’s the official synopsis:

On a sleepy night in 1993, Lorena Bobbitt sliced off her husband’s penis after years of abuse. John and Lorena Bobbitt’s dueling narratives exploded in a ravenous 24-hour news cycle, igniting a renewed battle of the sexes. Lorena became a national joke, her suffering ignored by the male-dominated press. But as John spiraled downward, Lorena found strength in the scars of her ordeal. This four-part docuseries from Executive Producer Jordan Peele, revisits the events of this American scandal and sheds a new light on one of the most sensationalized tabloid stories of our time.

As an added bonus, Lorena will give viewers a Peele-associated fix before Us scares the pants off audiences on March 15.

Lorena will premiere on Amazon Prime beginning on February 15.