Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Take Aim At ‘Looper’ Co-Star Bruce Willis In His Upcoming Comedy Central Roast

When Comedy Central first announced that action film star Bruce Willis would be the target of it next roast, the first question everyone asked themselves was, “Will they talk about The Return of Bruno?” Judging by the latest teaser for the new hour, the answer to that question is an undeniable “yes.” As for the second question nobody seemed to ask, a press release from Comedy Central has also provided an answer for that. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played a younger Willis hell-bent on killing him in Rian Johnson’s science fiction thriller Looper, will be taking another crack at his co-star when it airs Sunday, July 29th.

“I’ve looked up to Bruce my whole life. I was genuinely honored to work alongside him and, in essence, PLAY him when we made Looper together,” Gordon-Levitt gushed in a statement. “He has treated me with absolutely nothing but warmth and kindness. And so I look forward to mercilessly making fun of him on TV.”

As for the teaser, Gordon-Levitt doesn’t make an appearance, but Jeff Ross, Comedy Central’s de facto roast master, does offer plenty of preview of what awaits Willis next month. “I see ‘can’t turn down any action movie script that comes my way’ people,” a bedridden, Haley Joel Osment-esque Ross tells the actor. “I see ‘can’t turn down a third helping of potatoes’ people,” Willis retorts. This is going to be fun.