Josh Duhamel Posted A Touching Tribute (And A Thirst Trap) To ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ After Its Netflix Cancelation

Josh Duhamel is officially going through the stages of grief about Jupiter’s Legacy. The Netflix adaptation of the comic series was abruptly canceled last week, even though it reportedly led the streaming services’ most watched list. That news came with a bit of a twist, though: the source material for the show would still be used in a Supercrooks spinoff, making it more of an anthology project than a multi-season Jupiter’s Legacy show.

The actor initially posted what amounted to a thirst trap for other streaming services in the wake of Jupiter’s Legacy getting canceled, the goal clearly being to attract enough attention from other streaming services that the show could be revived.

He also, however, posted a nice tribute to the show and explained his emotions about the cancelation, which came as a surprise to him to say the least.

“It’s never easy to hear that a project you cared about/ believed in/ put so much into is ending prematurely,” he wrote on Instagram. “It was a challenge and a privilege to dive into the character of Sheldon/ Utopian. I got to do things as an actor that took me to places I had never been.

Duhamel thanked Netflix for the opportunity to play the role, and to the fans who took to the show so quickly.

“You took us to the #1 spot around the world and we stayed there for almost 2 weeks,” he wrote. “Your support of the show means everything.”

Duhamel says the experience is “something I’ll never forget” and if things went well with that selfie, well, maybe it’s not over for him and the Jupiter’s Legacy crew just yet.