‘HIMYM’s Josh Radnor Will Be The Lead In The Next Jason Katims Show That Is Sure To Make You Cry

How I Met Your Mother fans may be waiting a very long time for a spinoff series to finally appear, but Slapsgiving enthusiasts do have some good news. Josh Radnor, forever known as the lovelorn Ted Mosby, has lined up his next major television project, starring in Jason Katims‘ new show Drama High. According to The Hollywood Reporter,

Radnor will star as Lou, a left-of-center leading man who has to discover his own passion, drive and charisma. Lou is a father of three, a husband to Gail and an English teacher at a school in a rust belt town in Pennsylvania. Lou decides to take a leap on taking over the drama department and it ignites an excitement in him which surprises him and spreads to his students.

While that does sound like it has shades of Glee, Katims is the emotional mastermind behind such shows as Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, so Drama High has a better than not chance of having exemplary character development and the ability to make you weep openly during every single episode (when Mae Whitman cries, we all cry).

Drama High has already attracted the talents of Moana‘s Auli’i Cravalho and Stranger Things‘ Shannon Purser (Justice for Barb!) as a couple of overly earnest drama kids, so it’s really shaping up to be one of the most anticipated shows of next season.

(Via THR)