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Brittan Snow as Lily van der Woodsen; OMG Megan Fox TOTALLY as Julie Cooper!!!

The TV industry news cycle can barely finish a cycle without another bit of news about the “Gossip Girl” spin-off that will focus on Lily van der Woodsen’s (the mother of Blake Lively’s character) teenage years in 1980s Los Angeles.  Oh, but taking the time machine back to imagine younger versions of characters from one Josh Schwartz series just isn’t enough!  Give us more Schwartz synergy!

[Schwartz] and co-creator Stephanie Savage are toying with the notion that Lily may have crossed paths with characters from their previous hit, which ended its run on Fox in 2007. The duo say they are discussing the idea of having teenage Lily interact with earlier versions of The O.C.‘s Kirsten Nichol and Jimmy Cooper. Our dream casting? Megan Fox as Julie Cooper!

And THAT, boys and girls, is how ridiculous Hollywood casting rumors get started.  Now it’s just the waiting game.  Only a matter of time until one writer saying “Megan Fox should play this character who might not even be incorporated into a TV series,” leads to other flacks picking up on it and asking Megan Fox’s rep if she’s been contacted, and Megan Fox’s rep has no comment, and the TV execs won’t comment, because not commenting fuels the curiosity of the gossip-addled simpletons who pass for industry reporters.

In conclusion, you heard it here first: OMG MEGAN FOX WILL STAR IN THE “GOSSIP GIRL” SPIN-OFF!!!!  Maybe. Okay, probably not.

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