Julia Garner’s One Regret This Year Is That She Didn’t Scold People About Masks As Her ‘Ozark’ Character

Julia Garner is known for a lot of things — starring in one of the best movies of 2020 (The Assistant) and appearing in one of the best shows of the 2010s (The Americans) — but she’s best known for playing Ruth on Netflix’s Ozark. In fact, showrunner Chris Mundy said that it’s Garner, not Jason Bateman or Laura Linney, who gets recognized the most when they’re shooting in Atlanta. She won an Emmy for the performance and now appears on the cover of magazines, but Garner does have one Ruth-related regret:

When news photos circulated this summer of revelers ignoring social distancing recommendations over a holiday weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks, Garner wondered if she should have made an Instagram post of Ruth chastising them. “Oh my God. I got so furious about that,” she says. “The one thing I regret this year is, I wish that I put out a video, like, Ruth does not approve.”

Those revelers truly don’t know sh*t about f*ck.

Production is set to begin on Ozark season four in October, but Garner also has to finish shooting the final five episodes of Netflix’s Inventing Anna, in which she plays real-life Russian scammer Anna Sorokin in the Shona Rhimes-created series. As for which comes first, “It depends on which state is deemed safer. It’s a question I’m curious about every day. They’re complicated roles. It’s very tiring to be two different people at the same time,” she said, adding, “Something I learned during COVID that I was struggling with was, for me acting is like meditating. I had a problem. I was like, why am I not feeling so present? It was because I haven’t been acting.” She can’t get back to acting soon enough, not only for herself, but for everyone who’s followed her career since The Americans.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)