‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Is Ending After One Season On Netflix, Although It’s Still Getting A Spinoff

Fans of Jupiter’s Legacy, we have some good news and bad. The good: The Netflix adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic — about superheroes struggling to live up to the lofty ideals of the previous generation — is getting a spin-off. The bad: It’s also coming to an end. This slightly confusing bit of news comes from Deadline, which reveals the streaming giant has greenlit Supercrooks, which exists in the same world, but that the main show itself is no longer.

That might not be for forever, mind you. While Netflix is pursuing a different part of the IP, Millar says he’s “confident we’ll return” to Jupiter’s later. But for now, the show’s main cast — Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, and Ben Daniels among them — has been released from their commitments to the show. That way, they’re not sitting around, turning down other work while Netflix figures out when they’ll get back to Duhamel’s The Utopian, Bibb’s Lady Liberty, and Daniels’ Brainwave.

But back to that upside: Supercrooks is a go. The show will be take an anime approach to that comic, which follows eight supervillains involved in some high-powered heist shenanigans. That wing of Millar’s comic-verse does share some characters with Jupiter’s, but it’s unclear if there will be any overlap between the two shows.

Jupiter’s Legacy bowed on Netflix in early May and ran eight episodes. Its heavy look at family matters earned it comparisons from Uproxx to Shakespeare and a verdict that it was a “swell way to spend a handful of hours.”

(Via Deadline)