Justin Bieber Threw A Tantrum On ‘The Today Show’ And It Was Caught By His Microphone

Justin Bieber’s comeback may have hit a snag after an appearance on The Today Show. Right after the performance ended, the singer complained about how The Today Show’s cameras didn’t pan out wide enough to focus on his dance moves. Valid concerns, probably. The problem? His microphone was still on and picked up everything.

In the video above, you can hear Bieber verbalizing his frustration at the end of his performance. “Next time I won’t dance because the camera’s right here the whole time,” Bieber says, looking right into the camera that he doesn’t realize is still live. “Might as well not even dance,” he laments, pacing away as his backup dancers remain motionless in their ending poses.

Luckily for Bieber, the tantrum was edited out of the West Coast airing of his performance, as BuzzFeed reports. Unfortunately, the internet remembers all.

The other big Bieber news was that he debuted yet another new hairdo, a bleached and tousled Billy Idol special with shaved sides. One can argue that The Today Show cameras were focusing on his new dye job, but he hid his hair under a black trucker hat the whole time. He does take it off quickly as part of his dance routine, though. At least the cameras caught that bit of choreography, right?