Justin Long Claims Steve Jobs Rejected Some Of The ‘Get A Mac’ Ads Because They Were ‘Super Funny’


Remember the “Get a Mac” television commercials from the mid to late 2000s? Justin Long does. The actor, along with comedian and writer John Hodgman, starred in all 66 of the Apple commercials that aired in the hopes of convincing customers to go with the more “laid back” computing products of the company behind the Macintosh, the iMac and other products. Long played the “Mac” while Hodgman played the “PD,” who came off as more uptight than not.

During a recent interview, Long revealed that almost 300 commercials were actually shot for the entire campaign. What’s more, he claimed that many of the ads that were shot, and ultimately didn’t air, were rejected because Apple CEO Steve Jobs thought they were “super funny,” which was apparently something he didn’t want:

“One in particular, I remember, Zach Galifianakis played, like, a drunken Santa Claus,” Long recalls. “And [Apple] said, basically, that Steve Jobs preferred when they weren’t super funny…. because he thought it would detract from the point of the commercial. He thought if people were too focused on the humor in it, they would lose sight of the product.”

To be fair, Jobs has a point, but the fact that we missed out on Galifianakis‘ “drunken Santa Claus” is disappointing.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)