Karl Urban Has Resurfaced An R-Rated Anecdote About A ‘Red’ Co-Star And His Secret To Longevity

Amazon Prime’s The Boys recently received a second-season teaser that promises to be even bloodier than the first round. Even though the season likely won’t arrive until summer 2020, Karl Urban (who portrays vigilante leader Billy Butcher) sat down with GQ for a teaser-timed interview to promote the well-received, superhero-skewering series. Urban’s always a scene stealer in projects, but in The Boys, his charisma arguably propels him even higher than a whole league of scenery-chewing supes.

In the interview, Urban talks about how the series struck a chord in the zeitgeist, as well as how much this experience differs from his time working for Marvel Studios on Thor: Ragnarok. He also voices his unique perspective as a former Lord of the Rings star who’s now working under the Amazon umbrella that’s bringing that franchise into series form. And when writer James Grebey asks Urban if he’d like to volunteer any other information as a sign-off, Urban gets a little naughty. He resurfaces this ditty about one of his Red co-stars, Ernest Borgnine, about “longevity” and what sounds like the secret to maintaining a youthful glow:

I once worked on a movie called Red with Ernest Borgnine, who was 92 at the time. And I asked him what the secret of his longevity was. And he looked at me, he smiled, and he said, “Well, I masturbate twice a day.” I’m always looking to pick the brains of the elders and to learn where I can. So I’m not quite sure where to place that one, but I’m passing it on.

It’s quite an anecdote, but it’s not the first or even the second time this sentiment has broken into pop culture circles. Urban told a version of this story in 2010 while promoting Judge Dredd at Fantastic Fest. Borgnine also enjoyed sharing this, uh, wisdom as well. He even voiced it on-air to multiple Fox News hosts over a decade ago. Given that the Oscar winner worked almost up until his death at the age of 95, his secret must have worked wonders.

There’s no word yet on a definite release date for The Boys‘ second season, but it’s sure to be a banger.

(Via GQ)