Even Kate Winslet Is A Massive Fan Of ‘Murder Durdur,’ The ‘SNL’ Parody Of ‘Mare Of Easttown’: ‘I Have Never Felt So Validated’

Mare of Easttown has been one of the biggest TV sensations of 2021, bewitching legions with its grimy look at murder in the relentlessly dimly-lit burbs of Philadelphia. The regional accents, so rarely attempted in shows and movies, were pretty darn good, and what’s not to love about a show that introduced the rest of the nation to Wawa? But there was something else it wrought: an excellent SNL parody. And one of its fans? Star Kate Winslet.

The parody, which dropped early into its seven-episode run, finds Kate McKinnon with a greasy ponytail ‘do, doing her best Mare Sheehan and liberally peppering “r”s into her every word, just like a good native Philadelphian. The sketch’s writers are either from the area or really did their homework: There are references to Yuengling and Conshohocken and more. The accents are maybe even more accurate than the ones on Mare itself. It even had a great title: “Murder Durdur.” Like a lot of SNL parodies, it was a loving send-up, and Winslet, in turn, loved it right back.

“I have never felt so validated,” the Oscar-winning actress told Entertainment Weekly. In fact, she can’t stop watching it. “Every now and then in our household we’ll be like, ‘Oh, should we just quickly watch it?’ And we’ll crowd around the iPhone crying with laughter.”

You can watch the Winslet-approved sketch in the video above.

(Via EW)