Kathryn Hahn Is Stunned By The ‘Bonkers’ Success Of ‘Agatha All Along’ From ‘WandaVision’

It’s the “Jaja Ding Dong” of 2021, the song that you can’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try. “Who’s been messing up everything? / It’s been Agatha all along / Who’s been pulling every evil string? / It’s been Agatha all along.” Written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (the team behind “Let It Go”), “Agatha All Along” debuted during episode seven of WandaVision — since then, it’s charted on iTunes and inspired countless memes. Kathryn Hahn, the titular Agatha, still can’t believe it.

“I don’t understand it. I know, it’s amazing. It’s so crazy,” she told host Seth Meyers about the reaction to “Agatha All Along” during Monday’s episode of Late Night. “I don’t have social media, so the whole thing was like filtered down through all this,” Hahn continued. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?!’ It’s so funny. Meanwhile, I’m outside scooping dog crap, scooping cat crap. The whole thing is so bonkers right now.” (There’s more to the “cat crap” story if you watch the whole clip above.)

Hahn, who simply does not miss, also gave credit to the Lopezes, “who just wrote that crazy, awesome, delicious 47-second…” She didn’t finish the sentence, probably because she had “Agatha All Along” stuck in her head again. I get it. It happens.

The WandaVision finale debuts on Friday on Disney+.