Keegan-Michael Key Is Apparently Making Big Promises For His ‘SNL’ Episode

The pre-episode bumps for Saturday Night Live usually contain some quick jokes with the show’s host and musical guest, but apparently Keegan-Michael Key swung for the fences this week.

The preview released on Thursday night has Kate McKinnon explaining that the actor promised the “best show” in its history on Saturday night, though Keegan tried his best to backtrack to humorous effect in the segment, which also featured musical guest Olivia Rodrigo.

“You gotta watch because Keegan promised this will be the best show in 46 years,” Kate McKinnon said.

Key tried to correct her, saying that he only said “it would be nice” but the long-time SNL cast member wasn’t having it.

“You said it. You promised. It’s out there,” she said. “Good luck.”

It’s a good bit to hype the episode up with, especially considering the lackluster Musk-led episode that came before it. And there’s certainly a lot of hype around Key hosting, as he has plenty of experience with sketch comedy in his Key And Peele on Comedy Central.

The wide net of roles he’s played in various shows and movies certainly lends to the kind of range that can make him a top notch host, if the rest of the cast is up for it. And with McKinnon helping make this promise, well, there’s a lot of people eager to watch an episode that isn’t tied to the fate of a joke cryptocurrency.

In the other bumps, there’s a funny bit where McKinnon asked if any “old characters” would come back for the episode. Key said he wanted to focus on new stuff, while McKinnon interrupted him to say she was talking to Rodrigo, who first found fame on the Nickelodeon show Bizzardvark.

“Yeah,” Rodrigo responded. “If the mood strikes me.”

Last week’s musical guest, Miley Cyrus, also showed up in a digital short, so it would be no surprise if Rodrigo did the same. All three bits were pretty solid, and the trio certainly looked more prepared for the camera than any billionaires who have appeared on the show. Which is a pretty good sign for Saturday night in general.