Kevin Costner Is Reportedly Very ‘Disappointed’ In All These ‘Yellowstone’ Delays, Too

After several months of rumors and reports, Paramount Network’s Yellowstone was recently confirmed to end its flagship series after Season 5’s conclusion. This may or may not be a relief to Kevin Costner, but he seems like he’s been through plenty lately. He did stay relatively quiet amid rumors of his departure from the series, but he’s also watched his fellow cast members be quizzed at every opportunity, too.

Costner is also back in the director’s seat for Horizon, which is currently filming, and then there are those personal life matters, too. With all of that said, it’s not too surprising that a Costner source wants to clear the air a bit, and US Weekly has heard from such a source, who insists that any Yellowstone delays or a “holdup is not coming from Kevin.” The source added that Costner is “disappointed by the delays, which are beyond his control.” US Weekly relays how the insider says the holdup is coming from inside the house:

According to the insider, the issues are coming from behind the camera. “The drama is between some of the writers and producers,” the source tells Us, adding that the production has been “troubled” for a while. “They all have busy schedules and other projects, and that has caused delays. It’s been upsetting for Kevin because he has a family and a schedule to stick to.”

Additionally, whatever went wrong with the Paleyfest debacle surely didn’t help on Costner’s end, given that no one knows why the schedule included both him and creator Taylor Sheridan, and no one knows why plans seemingly changed at the last minute. In any event, though, Yellowstone will begin shooting at some point in August, and the back half of Season 5 will start to air in November. And maybe one of these days, we will hear more about the mystery project including Matthew McConaughey in Yellowstone mode, which will be one more of many Taylor Sheridan shows in the works.

(Via US Weekly)