Report: Kevin Costner’s ‘Yellowstone’ Cowboy Hat Will Leave The Building After Season 5

Yellowstone has been on hiatus since January when the show paused for a Season 5 mid-season break, and that’s the last concrete detail she wrote, darlin.’ Since then, there’s been plenty of gossip with the show not returning yet to shoot the back end of the season, and rumors of Kevin Costner’s possible exit have been swirling. Granted, one particularly unbelievable part of one report indicated that Costner had only wanted to spend one week shooting an entire half season, and his team shot down that tidbit.

Still, it didn’t help the situation that, out of the Yellowstone actors who did appear at the April 1 Paleyfest, no one seemed to know when filming would resume. Costner has been busy planning his next directorial effort, Horizon, so yep, the immediate future seems a little busy for him. Added to the mix would be reports of a dramatic rift between Costner and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, and that’s where things still stand today, a month after neither surfaced (as advertised) at Paleyfest.

Entertainment Tonight now reports — and this is not concrete yet, since no reps have confirmed on behalf of the actor or the show — that Costner will be heading into the Yellowstone sunset after Season 5 concludes:

Kevin Costner is not returning to Yellowstone after season 5, sources close to the production tell ET. The news comes after reports of alleged drama between the star of the Paramount Network series and co-creator Taylor Sheridan over the actor’s filming commitments to the remaining episodes of the current season.

Additional sources also tell ET that there is still no update on when the cast and crew are going to return to Montana, where the series is filmed on location, to finish shooting season 5’s remaining episodes. As a result, there’s been a lot of confusion and frustration.

This report follows up on multiple actresses, including Kelly Reilly and Lainey Wilson, fielding questions related to what the heck might be going on. Meanwhile, Sheridan is prepping his 515th Paramount+ TV series, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, and the world will await definitive confirmation on this unending drama.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)