Kevin Smith’s Comedy Special From The Night Of His Heart Attack Gets A Trailer And A Title: ‘Silent But Deadly’

Kevin Smith is reportedly doing well in his time since suffering a massive heart attack. He’s changed his diet, lost 32 pounds since his open heart surgery to clear the 100 percent blockage of his LAD artery (known lovingly as “the widow-maker”), and now his comedy special he recorded the night he almost died has a release date and a smattering of trailers.

Kevin Smith: Silent but Deadly will be released on Showtime May 11. This much we knew when Silent Bob himself tweeted it out earlier this month, but it’s morbidly interesting to see the show knowing that Smith was just minutes from suffering his heart attack. Was he feeling the symptoms while cracking jokes about his wife’s non-committal attitude to the content he creates? The featured trailer even shows Smith discussing his dietary habits, which don’t seem terribly bad at the time. He’s trying to avoid sugar, after all.

Somewhat surprisingly, it looks like Smith is really working through his first comedy special since 2012’s Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell. He’s got a plethora of new material discussing his family life and his ever-evolving role as a writer and director decades after the release of Clerks. It’s impressive knowing he went after it

In his first interview since his heart attack, Smith told USA Today that he’s “never felt better.” So maybe he’s got another special in him that can be a Q&A about his nearly deadly night of comedy. He’s not one to mince words and it would definitely be fascinating to listen to someone opine on nearly losing their life while mixing in a bunch of curse words and Daredevil references.

(Via SlashFilm/USA Today)

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