Kevin Spacey Will Make You Wish Christopher Walken Was Playing ‘Garbageman’ On ‘House Of Cards’

Kevin Spacey went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, and as a toll for the right to get a plug for the next season of House of Cards, Spacey was asked to partake in typical Jimmy Fallon-brand hijinks in the form of a game where he had to read House of Cards scenes written by elementary school students who have never seen House of Cards.

For some reason, in the first scene, in which Fallon plays “Wizzy” and Spacey plays “Garbageman,” Spacey pulls out his Christopher Walken impression. I’m not complaining, though. Who else but Christopher Walken, or Kevin Spacey playing Christopher Walken, to nail lines like, “I heard there are like a trillion cards in your house. According to the mayor of the United States of America, you have to clean up those cards, or else you get arrested.”

Spacey does a Johnny Carson impression in the next scene, in which he knocks over the house of cards that Jimmy’s character is living in. Truly, Kevin Spacey is the master of transforming into characters, though he’s saving his most complete transformation for Nine Lives, that movie where he turns into a cat. And heaven help us all when Spacey is forced to play a theme game for that plug.