KFC Has A New Colonel Sanders And It’s…Jim Gaffigan?

KFC has unveiled their new Colonel Sanders, saying goodbye to Norm Macdonald and hello to Jim Gaffigan. It only seems like a short time ago that we were introduced to Macdonald’s version of the Colonel and his crazy schemes to get people to enjoy his chicken. Now that chicken may have met its match in the form of Gaffigan, a man who knows his food and has built a career out of making fun of it.

This is the third change since KFC started it’s new Colonel Sanders campaign near the beginning of last year. Many did not like the Darrell Hammond version of the Colonel, but seemed to warm up to Macdonald. Now we’ll have to wait and see how Gaffigan is accepted by the masses. Hopefully it’s better than the Nashville hot chicken.

Couldn’t have a better guy, though. And a funnier guy. My only wonder is where this ends finally? There needs to be a self destructive, self-hating version played by Patton Oswalt. Then we need the African American Colonel played by Tim Meadows, traveling to this parallel universe to warn about KFC’s new jalapeno chicken poppers. And finally there should be a showdown between all the Colonels by the next Super Bowl. It’d only be right.

(Via KFC)