Kieran Culkin Owned Up To Why ‘Succession’ Co-Star J. Smith-Cameron Threw A Drink In His Face (He Deserved It)

Succession Season 4 filming is in the works as we speak, thank god. And boy, people do miss that show, including how Kieran Culkin’s Roman screws himself over. One of the more enjoyable examples of this happening, of course, was when Roman meant to send a d*ck pic over to Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) during a meeting, but sent it to Logan (Brian Cox) instead. One must acknowledge that Roman sending this unsolicited picture to anyone was a bad idea, and the way that Logan reacted (against Gerri) was also a d*ck move. Yet I’m getting away from the point here, which is this: the Gerri/Roman relationship/dynamic was always going to be combative in a way, and that’s why a recent tweet from J. Cameron-Smith is an eye-popping one.

On August 8, Smith-Cameron tweeted, “I threw a drink in Kieran’s face tonight”

A followup soon arrived: “he had it coming.” And then came the photographic proof.

So, what happened? The subject came up when Culkin popped over to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday. And yes, he totally deserved it, after relating how a group conversation (starting with Sarah Snook talking about how mens’ ears and noses supposedly grow with age) led to Culkin giving Cameron-Smith a lot of hell (and then he kept on going), and she reacted accordingly.

It sure sounds like Kieran Culkin wanted that drink in his face. Total Roman move.