Brian Cox Really Loved Filming That ‘Succession’ Dick Pic Scene

If you tense up into a tiny ball or want to hide under the carpet when comedy gets awkward, a single moment from Succession‘s last season would have made your head explode Scanners style. After being on the cusp of becoming the Chosen One for his family, incorrigible scamp Roman (Kieran Culkin) accidentally sends his billionaire business tycoon father a genital selfie during an emergency board meeting. Not great, Bob!

Brian Cox listed it as one of his favorite scenes to film of the season. “I loved the dick pic scene,” Cox said, laughing, in an interview with The Wrap. “I think [Logan] has much more regard for Roman’s potential, but at the same time, Roman is so potty-mouthed. It’s a drawback. He’s not being mature. And you know, the dick pic was the sort of straw that broke the camel’s back. And at one point, when we sat there [filming], I just said, ‘Why, why, why, why, why, why, why?’ (Laughs) But I was giving too much away, so they cut it.”

Cox also mentioned the pivotal dinner scene with Kendall (Jeremy Strong) as a favorite. “That was a very powerful scene and Jeremy did a great job on it,” Cox said. It is indeed an amazing scene, complete with a bumbling Kendall head-faking that he’s trying to poison his dad, but it still doesn’t have that jaw-dropping dick pic energy. Next time you see Cox on the street, instead of asking him to tell you to f*ck off, maybe compliment that scene of face-searing awkward disappointment instead.

Yet the most surprising thing from the interview? That Logan Roy loves his children. Showrunner Jesse Armstrong confirmed it for Cox, who needed to know so he could get the character right. “Of course, the whole quality of love has been lacking,” Cox said. “Logan’s aware of that more than anybody else. It’s something that’s been lacking in his life and something that’s clearly — even though he would never admit to it — the one thing he possibly hoped for with his children was love.” Nothing like a game of Boar on the Floor to bring out the love, right?

(via The Wrap)