Kim Kardashian’s ‘North Posted This’ Photo Shows The Swift Power Of An Internet Meme

Kim Kardashian rolled out of bed today and immediately set to work. Her job is an important one – self promoter extraordinaire. Kim keeps her well-manicured fingers on the Kardashian pulse at all times, but she did not keep her fingers on her phone all day Friday. Or so she says. Kim posted this unfamiliar photo, which was taken a decade ago. Her caption indicates that her daughter, North West, had a hand in this throwback.

As the story goes, North played games on mommy’s phone and inadvertently plucked this picture out of the 17,451 other selfies. North then posted the photo to Instagram. A mortified Kim deleted the photo but decided to re-post with a very special note, which revealed the charming anecdote to all.

In only a few hours, “North posted this” became a fast Twitter meme. The internet does not believe Kim’s story, and the photo is a trip down memory lane for anyone who’s paid attention to Kim’s morphing ways. However, Kim is not embarrassed, nor does she mind how Twitter is enjoying themselves at her expense.

First, here are amused and quick responses coming from Twitter.

Next up? The memed pictures have commenced. North has been a busy girl.

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