Jordan Klepper Pokes The Anti-Vax Bear In A New ‘Daily Show’ Segment

There are a few uniting principles when it comes to the people whose pulses Jordan Klepper fingers on the regular while crisscrossing America for The Daily Show (and also probably for the satisfaction of some low-level masochistic tendencies he’s dealing with). They’re big fans of former steak in the mail salesman and reality TV host Donald Trump, they sometimes lack the desire to spellcheck their apparel, and they often sound like a 5-year-old caught in a lie when asked to justify their positions beyond the headline of a Facebook post they read that one time. Just the headline.

In this latest edition of Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse, that choir can be seen fumbling through half-baked mischaracterizations about science to explain their objection to vaccines and restrictions for the unvaccinated. They’re also overdoing it on air quotes, tossing “we’re living in a society” notions off a bridge, and getting into it with passersby who pretty much do Klepper’s job for him.

That this all went down a week ago in New York City outside Mayor Bill De Blasio’s house brings a “the call is coming from inside the house” vibe for anyone who thought this was a red state v. blue state thing. It’s very clearly not, but at least we can all take comfort in the irony that this got released today alongside the news that the Pfizer vaccine has received FDA approval. Now all those holdouts waiting for that step can go get their sticker and their protection against COVID. Yes, nothing is stopping them now.