Krysten Ritter’s ‘Unapologetic’ Outlook Proves She’s The Perfect Actress For ‘Jessica Jones’

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Marvel is no stranger to dark subject matter, what with Daredevil on the small screen and some particular depressing moments in the Avengers universe on the big screen. Even so, Jessica Jones may be Marvel’s darkest project yet. Premiering on Netflix this weekend – clear your schedules, comic adaptation fans – Jessica Jones isn’t a superhero show in the straightforward sense but rather a P.I. drama with superpowers and villains constantly lurking in the background. What makes the show particularly intriguing is the way in which Ritter and show runner Melissa Rosenberg are putting a lot of effort into avoiding not only the clichés of superhero subject matter but other female-led shows. According to reporting by The LA TimesRitter is insistent that this show is altogether different:

“We never fell into the typical tropes of female P.I. shows. You’ll never see me putting on a short skirt and heels to use my ‘sexuality’ to get what I want. I don’t want to seduce someone to get what I want. I don’t want to play that.”

Similarly, Rosenberg is proud of the way that the show incorporates Jessica’s superpowers. To wit:

[For Jessica] the superpowers are just a matter of fact. She doesn’t advertise them, but she doesn’t deny them. She doesn’t hide them. What I love about this character is she’s so unapologetically who she is. She’s unapologetic about her sexuality, about her powers, about her drinking, about just about anything. She is who she is.”

From early reviews and critical consensus, Jessica Jones is not a show to miss. So carve out the majority of your day on Saturday, settle in with a bowl of popcorn and a penchant for butt-kicking heroines, and soak in Krysten Ritter’s hard-hitting performance as Marvel’s latest hero.

(Via The Los Angeles Times)