Kumail Nanjiani Uses His ‘SNL’ Monologue To Tackle His Problems With Race And Ignorant Racists

Kumail Nanjiani used his background to full effect in his hilarious SNL monologue that tackled pretty much everything that would make your typical network television viewer a little nervous. And where you expect guys like Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle to do a certain set when they host the show, Nanjiani probably wasn’t expected to hit on some of the topics he tossed out. Thankfully he did and kicked off the show strong after what seemed to be a tame Donald Trump cold open.

Nanjiani didn’t hesitate jumping in humor about Islam, his Pakistani background, his relationship with Emily V. Gordan that was the basis for The Big Sick, and the racism he’s faced thanks to the movie — both ignorant and fairly informed. He also jokes that most of the words he is spitting out, particular the ones about women not being allowed to drive, will be headlines thanks to those dastardly internet writers out there. Internet writers are the worst, just making up things as they go.

If Nanjiani managed to succeed with anything, it was introducing some people to culture they might not have had any experience with. Yes, it probably made some angry, but he did it with humor and it was good. Can’t knock that too much, unless you’re one of those ignorant racists he mentions.

(Via SNL)