Leslie Jones And Kyle Mooney’s Romantic Update Ends With A Standout Moment From ‘SNL’ Creator Lorne Michaels

The last time we got a look at the romance between Kyle Mooney and Leslie Jones, they ruined Dave Chappelle’s dressing room with their love making and planted the seeds of a rivalry with “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost. The sequel brings that one-sided rivalry to a close with violence, drags Melissa McCarthy into the mix, and gives Lorne Michaels a great moment.

It honestly paled in comparison to the original and its payoff, but Colin Jost and Lorne Michaels end up saving the entire thing. Mooney’s jealousy gets the better of him when the friendship between Jones and Jost forces her to miss their son’s recital in the SNL studios. He pulls out a gun and ends up shooting Jost in the leg, sending everybody into a panic. Well, everybody by Lorne Michaels.

As he points out, Colin Jost can be annoying. You never want your cast going around waving guns and shooting one another — unless they’re making fun of The OC — but exceptions have to be made from time to time in order to bring balance back. Jost survives, Mooney and Jones are stronger than ever, and Lorne Michaels walks away with the best moment of the night. Though, if you look closely, you can see the regret of passing on Laser Cats in his eyes.

Also either Colin Jost was actually injured and they worked it into the sketch or his appearance at the end of the show showed some dedication to the fake drama behind the scenes at the show. Way to take one for the team!

(Via SNL)