‘The Daily Show’ Trevor Noah Roasts Kyrsten Sinema For Changing Her Political Views ‘Like They’re Wigs’

As Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan continues to stall in the senate, The Daily Show turned its attention to Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema who, along with Senator Joe Manchin, have been the notable Democrat holdouts impeding the bill’s progress. While it’s easy to decipher Manchin’s motivation (he hates clean air, according to host Trevor Noah), figuring out Sinema’s game has been next to impossible.

“That’s right, Kyrsten Sinema is the Sphinx of the Senate,” Noah said. “Partly because nobody knows what she’s thinking, and partly because she won’t give anyone the bathroom key before answering her riddle.”

So to try and solve the mystery of who the heck Sinema is, Noah delved into her early life (which was steeped in poverty) that led to her path to the Senate. “Basically she was the kind of person you’d hope would run for office, and then that’s exactly what she did.”

However, once Sinema got into the Senate, and particularly after Biden’s election, her policy positions became tough to nail down. “It’s almost like she got bitten by a radioactive Ted Cruz.”

As it stands now, no one can ascertain what Sinema wants, and there’s no easy answers to what she’s doing. She’s “a once-committed progressive who now changes her political beliefs like they’re wigs,” Noah concluded.