There’s Only One Story John Oliver Wishes He Could Have Covered During The ‘Last Week Tonight’ Hiatus


It’s been nearly three months since the last new episode of Last Week Tonight. In that time, there’s been a lot of news. SO much news. Too much news. But there’s only one story the show’s host, John Oliver, is sad that he wasn’t able to cover during the hiatus. It has nothing to do with politics, or immigration, or any of the other topics Last Week Tonight regularly covers — instead, it’s about “a British family terrorizing New Zealand,” as Oliver explained to IndieWire:

“There was a British family of tourists terrorizing New Zealand, and [executive producer] Tim Carvell and I were emailing back and forth, going, ‘Actually, I wish we were back at work.’ But all the other stuff that wasn’t that? No, we were more than happy [to skip it]. We had a couple of weeks off over the holidays, but otherwise, we’ve been working the whole time, researching stories, so there’s been nothing in particular that really felt painful that we weren’t on TV for, other than the barbaric British family in New Zealand… It’s really worth looking up, it’s pretty amazing. I genuinely was disappointed that we weren’t around to show people what was happening there.

The story, which you can read here, is indeed nuts, with sentences like, “The family has been accused of putting ants and strands of hair in their food to get out of paying bills at restaurants,” and, “We’re here to see the Hobbits,” and, “One member, Tina Maria Cash, 26, was arrested on shoplifting charges after stealing a pair of sunglasses, two cans of Red Bull, and rope from a gas station.” Sure beats talking about President Trump for, like, the 37th time.

Last Week Tonight returns to HBO on February 17.

(Via IndieWire)