HBO Revisits Some Of John Oliver’s Greatest Moments While Announcing Season 6 Of ‘Last Week Tonight’

HBO released the trailer for the upcoming season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, just when — in a time of government shutdowns, Russian collusion, and ladies joy-riding electric shopping carts around Walmart parking lots while drinking wine from a Pringles can like it’s the most normal thing in the world — it seems the world needs him more than ever. This marks Oliver’s sixth season on the cable network, so to hype his return, HBO went through the archives and made a super-cut of some of his most epic moments and memorable guest stars over the course of five seasons.

“Our main story tonight concerns immigration,” Oliver starts out by saying in the first clip, “a system that brought you me, but it’s still good, and I promise that won’t happen again. Continuing with that theme of self-deprecation, the clips are interspersed with pull quotes including a few less than kind ones — including “hhameless” from Piers Morgan, “insufferable douchebag,” from Ben Shapiro, and Cher calling him a “wee rat face” over the one time he make a joke about her use of Twitter on the show. Finally it all culminates to the perfect Wall Street Journal pull quote that reads: “Makes people dumb.”

Last Week Tonight returns to HBO on Sunday, February 17th at 11 p.m.