Leonard Belzer, The Older Brother Of Richard Belzer, Jumped To His Death This Morning

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07.30.14 9 Comments

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Leonard Belzer, 73, former host of radio program The Comedy Hour, took his own life this morning, jumping from his 16-story apartment building in New York City. Belzer is the older brother of Richard Belzer (pictured above), who played Sergeant John Munch in multiple shows over the last twenty years, including three Law and Order series and Homicide.

Leonard Belzer was also married to to award-winning Sesame Street director Emily Squires who passed away in 2012. Belzer had been suffering from some health problems, and according to some, spiraled into a depression after he lost his wife. One of the building’s workers also said that he was suffering from heart problems.

Belzer — who graduated from Columbia University, was also an Air Force Intelligence veteran — left several suicide notes in his apartment. His body was found around 6:45 a.m. this morning.

Source: NYPost, NYDailyNews

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