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Carrrrrrrrl! At long last, Llamas with Hats 2, the delightful sequel to Llamas with Hats. This one goes out to my good friend Charlie, who I should note is NOT Charlie the Unicorn. [The Uniblog]

Totally worth it, dude! Bad news: your life-threatening exploded lung. Good news: you took an awesome photo for Internet lore! [Fey Friends via Buzzfeed]

Aggressive caroling! Granted, I’m easy, but this made me laugh. [The Daily What]

The original dick in a box. Before Adam Sandler Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake made it en vogue, a local news report showed a cop carrying a box with a giant dildo hanging out of it. [City Pages]

Gah! “The Tonight Show” wants to add some ambiance to your holidays with this yule log. Some creepy, creepy ambiance. [Conan Yule Log]

Did you like Christmas cats? Then dogs in Santa hats is for you. [Urlesque]

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