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I don’t know. I just like the picture. This drawing is one of my favorites from Berkley Illustration. [Etsy]

Best. Sponsor. Ever. KSpace has given us the nicest Christmas present ever: the gift of titties. Witness seventeen magical minutes of photographer Terry Richardson working with naked models for the Pirelli calendar. NSFW, but also worth getting fired over. [KSpace.TV]

A ‘Mad Men’ Christmas, Illustrated. The words “Mad Men” and “Christmas” together make me want to drink every holiday drink ever made. [World of Wonder, Danny Hellman]

Sweden is weird, Part 2. Not only did Sweden block the airing of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, but apparently the entire country shuts down at 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve to watch a Donald Duck cartoon. No, seriously. Bonus weirdness: it’s an article on Slate that won’t make you want to punch someone. [Slate]

Anyone who discusses lingerie commercials in-depth is all right by me. An examination of Victoria’s Secret Christmas commercials through the years, written by stalwart commenter Danger Guerrero. [Steel Clink Alcatraz]

So sad. I’m really broken up about this one. Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from “Entourage”) have split. Insiders say the break-up may have stemmed from Sigler waking up one day and realizing she was dating the guy who plays Turtle. [NY Daily News]

25 Creepy Mall Santas. The children in these pictures are absolutely terrified. It’s like a close-up examination of mental scars. And absolutely delightful! [Holy Taco]

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