Liv Tyler Is Not Returning For The Second Season Of ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’

Like the source from which it was spun-off, 9-1-1 Lone Star is one crazy show. It’s hard to top a program that requires a guide to round up its crazy episodes, and the bit about a flying bouncy house doesn’t grab the number one spot, but it did kick off with a flaming burrito, so: respect. But when it returns to Fox next year for its second season, it will be minus one of its main stars.

According to Deadline, Liv Tyler will not be joining co-lead Rob Lowe on the spin-off, which follows fire, police, and ambulance departments in Austin responding to calamities so big they’re Texas-sized. The reason for her departure? She lives in London, and traveling right now (to Los Angeles, not Austin, incidentally) is a little difficult, as you can imagine.

This kind of cast reshuffling isn’t new to the 9-1-1-verse. Connie Britton left the maiden show after its first season. Her character wasn’t completely written off; instead the possibility for a return of some sort was left open. The same thing will happen to Tyler’s paramedic Michelle Blake, who actually received some kind of closure at the end of Lone Star’s first season, finally reuniting with the missing sister she had searched for over the ten episodes.

Not that Lowe’s firefighter captain will be left, uh, alone. The new co-lead will be Gina Torres, who will play a paramedic captain. It’s not yet clear when Lone Star’s second season will drop.

(Via Deadline)