Watch This Local Weatherman Freak Out When A Large Bug Flies At His Face

Brad Willis probably needed to hang some Sheetrock or talk about football following this encounter with a gigantic bug during his San Diego weather report from the Pacific Beach shoreline. Willis is about to talk about the beautiful, hot day in San Diego when the creature begins flying around and startles him, forcing him to make the kinda face you would make after seeing an axe murderer burst into the room and kill your dog.

Things get back to normal shortly after, and Willis goes on to interview some fine folks just out enjoying their day but it’s hard to think that the bug wasn’t still on his mind. Out there, buzzing around, plotting, terrorizing, and waiting for its next opportunity. One day his phone might ring, he’ll hear a buzz on the other end, then he’ll hear the cries of his pets in the background. “You want em…get back out to the shore…”

Then we never saw him again. He was right to be afraid.

(Via Fox 5 San Diego)