Lori Loughlin’s Operation Varsity Blues Involvement Bears A Strong Resemblance To A ‘Full House’ Episode

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The world was shocked on Tuesday when it came to light that dozens of CEOs, business executives, and Hollywood figures had been charged in a case related to a nationwide college admissions cheating scam. Those indicted, including Felicity Huffman and actress Lori Loughlin, have been accused of shelling out upwards of $6 million to secure their kids admissions to elite, Ivy League universities such as Georgetown, Stanford, and Yale.

In the wake of the scandal, old tweets have come back to haunt Loughlin and Hoffman, in particular, who were also heavily roasted online for their role in the crimes. And now, an old episode of Full House, of all things, is being dredged up from Loughlin’s past as it now relates to current events.

In the season six episode titled “Be True to Your Preschool,” Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky get the idea to “fast track” their sons Nicky and Alex’s education by getting them into a prestigious upper crust preschool that Jesse’s friend’s kid attends. Because Jesse himself is quite the dumb-ass (as you can see him getting owned by a toddler in the following clip from the episode), he gets it into his head to falsify information on the application form to ensure Nicky and Alex are accepted — a plan that Becky reluctantly goes along with.

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