Get LOST In The Best Works Of Pop Culture Art In ‘The Bad Robot Art Experience’ At Gallery 1988

We keep tabs on the fun pop culture art of Gallery 1988, and this week they’ve outdone themselves with 172 works of art celebrating J.J. Abrams and the Bad Robot production company he runs with Bryan Burk. The 100+ participating artists were inspired by LOST, Star Trek, Fringe, Super 8, Cloverfield, Alias, and even the cute Bad Robot logo.

The Bad Robot Art Experience opened this weekend at Gallery 1988’s new location at 7308 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and will remain on display there until Saturday, May 18th. Our favorites from the show are collected below, with an emphasis on classic characters from LOST and Star Trek, such as the picture above of Aaron Jasinski’s Torment Of The Banished. Prints and originals of the works may still be available at the link underneath each photo, and 10% of the proceeds go to The Mission Continues, a charity which helps veterans become community leaders.

Stephen Andrade’s Bad Robot On Board [via]

Nicole Guice’s Kate Austen is Lost and She Doesn’t Want to be Found. [via]

Kiersten Essenpreis’ A Game Of Chess [via]

Mike Mitchell’s Sea of Tears [via]

Bruce White’s Quinto As Spock [via]

Cuddly Rigor Mortis’ 9.22.04 #815 [via]

Joey Spiotto’s Make Your Own Kind Of Music [via]

Nick Comparone’s James T. Kirk [via]

Cuyler Smith’s Connection [via]

Julian Callos’ There Goes The Neighborhood [via]

Tom Haubrick’s I Love You, Kate [via]

Dave Pressler’s Number Four Please Step Forward [via]

Kirk Demarais’ Bad Robot Halloween Decor [via]

Jeff Boyes’ Windmark [via]

Jason Liwag’s Punch It [via]

Casey Weldon’s Highly Illogical [via]

Bruce White’s Dr. Walter Bishop [via]

Augie Pagan’s Lost In Transcendental Fringe [via]

Ruel Pascual’s Extraterrestrial [via]

Audrey Pongracz’s 101110101101 [via]

David Eichenberger’s 2spoc (Is There A Ghetto In Space) [via]

Graham Curran’s Home Movies [via]

Dave MacDowell’s Dude Looks Like A Princess [via]

Bennett Slater’s These Are The Voyages [via]